Cyanogenmod 9 RC 1 Available For 37 Devices

Cyanogenmod 9 RC 1 Available For 37 Devices

This is a big milestone for the cyanogenmod team because they’ve released CM9 on a plethora of devices and it’s only been 225 days after ICS was officially released. You can download the version for your device if it’s in the list at the source.

Download CM9


Wallpaper: Illusion by zpecter

Wallpaper: Illusion by zpecter

Deviantart member zpecter has made this cool wallpaper with a cool illusion effect. There are also some mountains in the background (from a photo he had taken previously). Click picture to download, original page is below.


Transparent iPhone 5 Concept

Transparent iPhone 5 Concept

This is a cool concept that I think would make the iPhone an even cooler device. The concept is pretty much a capacitive touch screen with a thin sheet of glass that is completely transparent. All the computing would be done under the small amount of bezel on the top and bottom. The home button would also be a capacitive button like you find on majority of android phones. I think it looks really cool, but it’ll take quite a bit of time for anything like that to hit store shelves.

Today Is The iPhone’s 5th Birthday

Today Is The iPhone's 5th Birthday

Today marked the fifth anniversary of when the iPhone first hit store shelves. The device may not have changed too much in terms of the look on the outside, but the amount of things it can do compared to five years ago is astounding. Even the iPhone 3g (pictured above) looks ancient. Seems like apple has some big plans for the new iPhone…keep your eyes peeled!


No Flash For Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Users

No Flash For Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Users

Adobe and google have officially announced that the adobe flash plugin will not be packaged with android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Adobe wants to make html5 the new standard. Unfortunately, they’re phasing it out at a bad time because most sites still use flash and have not adopted the html5 route just yet. I guess android users will have one less thing to brag about in a few months.


Android App: Fast For Facebook by team2soft

Android App: Fast For Facebook by team2soft

This is a really well made alternative to the Facebook app for android. It follows the ice cream sandwich guidelines and has a really polished holo theme to it. It is significantly faster than Facebook despite the beta tag. Updates are always being churned out helping make the app better. Unfortunately, I can’t show any pictures of the app without revealing personal information, so you’ll have to try it to see it.

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