Chinese Dissident Is Optimistic


Chen Guangcheng is a 40 year old blind Chinese activist that is against the Communist ways of China. Mr. Chen has become internationally known for his work in exposing abuses of China’s “one-child family planning policy”. After serving in prison on charges many think are fabricated, he was forced under house arrest starting in Sept. 2010. He has fled the country and is now in the United States living near New York University. Last Thursday, he publicly spoke about his optimistic view on the future of legal rights in China. In the same speech, he thanked the Chinese Government for letting him stay a Chinese citizen and not be exiled as a traitor or a dissident (A person that opposed an official policy). He believes that the new age of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks has gotten China’s society to an era where, “if you don’t want something known, you better not do it.” He knows it will be a slow process but believes China will become democratic one day.



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