How To Use The Fonts On Linxspire

How To Use The Fonts On Linxspire

Some of you may see that I occasionally post links and downloads of different fonts. These fonts will make any presentation or even a word document look great. I know it’s hard to use them if you don’t deal with zip files often. Here’s the instructions for using the fonts so you don’t get confused.

1:Download the font
2: Go to here (for 32-bit) or here (64 bit)
3:Once you have winrar (used for extraction), then you just go to the zip file with the font, right click, and press “extract here” or “extract to location” depending on your preference.
4: Once you get the actual folder, go in the folder, right click the font file, and press “Install”. It’ll ask for administrator permissions.
5: You’re good to go! Just go into powerpoint or word, look through the font list, select the font you just installed, and voila!


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