XBMC Beta For Android APK Download


The Xbox Media Center for android has finally arrived in beta stage. It should work on almost every device (it works on my Galaxy S II running ICS 4.0.3). I’ve provided a link to download the APK file directly, but you can also download it at the XDA thread. Obviously it is optimized for TV and big screens so it may look a little small. Give it a try and see how you like it. NOTE: This is a beta and there will be bugs. The download link I provided is the newer version. The older version (relatively stable) is at the XDA thread.

Download APK

XDA Link



National Geographic 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Photographers will love this. The examples above are amazing photos taken by people all around the world. National Geographic receives thousands of applicants and these are the ones that were rated the highest. The best part about these photos is that they are unaltered, and no Photoshop was used. Each caption is a summary of the description each photographer sent with their photo. There are three or four more photos at the source.

More Photos

Scientists Discover How To Store A Password In Your Subconsious

Scientists have just discovered how to store a 30-character password in your subconscious. A computer generates a random code using the letters S,D,F,J, and K. Then it makes it into a guitar hero game…without the music. As the dots on the top of the screen come to the dots on the bottom, you press the corresponding key. To mix it up, they added extra characters that are not in the password. You repeat this process six times (each time the extra characters are different). Over time, your brain will know which letters are in the password and which ones are extra letters without you consciously knowing that you’re remembering it. Using this technique, you can’t be coerced into giving a password because you consciously don’t know it. It’s in the part of the mind that can store information but can’t be tapped by the conscious part of your brain. Crazy stuff. Check out the source for a deeper explanation.