‘Google Now’ Partially Ported To ICS

Google Now Partially Ported To ICS

‘Google Now’ (google’s version of siri) has been ported to ICS. The developer that ported it, had to disable the voice recognition because it caused issues. You can still type stuff in to make it work though. Unfortunately, you have to uninstall the google search apk in /system/app (which requires root). If you’re willing to do that, then check out the original XDA thread below. Remember to read the whole thread before attempting.

Original Thread


One comment on “‘Google Now’ Partially Ported To ICS

  1. Mr.Jay says:

    WOW, it’s coming now! Google Now is the part which I am interested in most from my review for Google I/O 2012 http://xmscan.wordpress.com/2012/06/29/google-io-2012-highlights-nexus-7-jelly-bean-project-glass-and-more/

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