Inventor Of Digital Eyeglasses Assaulted In Parisian McDonalds

Inventor Of Digital Eyeglasses Assaulted In Parisian McDonalds

Image creds to PC Mag

Dr. Steve Mann is the original inventor of digital eye wear. Mann created his version of Google glass in 1999, many years before Google announced their ideas of project glass. On Monday, he and his family were assaulted by three different people. He has dubbed them ‘perpetrator 1’, ‘perpetrator 2’, and ‘perpetrator 3’. Once the situation had calmed down, he blogged extensively about what happened. According to his story, all three of the perpetrators read a note from his doctor stating that it is perfectly safe to wear the glasses. The perpetrators ripped it up and physically threw him into the street. The glasses use an augmented reality system to help him see better. During the fight, the microcomputer inside the glasses broke, meaning that it stored the images it would have otherwise erased. Those pictures are actually up on his blog (the perpetrators have their faces blurred out). Despite attempts to contact McDonald’s, Parisian police, the Embassy, and the Consulate, Mann has received no response. He does not want any money, nor to press any legal charges. He publicly stated “I just want my glasses fixed. It would also be nice if McDonald’s would see fit to support vision research.”



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