Scientists Discover How To Store A Password In Your Subconsious

Scientists have just discovered how to store a 30-character password in your subconscious. A computer generates a random code using the letters S,D,F,J, and K. Then it makes it into a guitar hero game…without the music. As the dots on the top of the screen come to the dots on the bottom, you press the corresponding key. To mix it up, they added extra characters that are not in the password. You repeat this process six times (each time the extra characters are different). Over time, your brain will know which letters are in the password and which ones are extra letters without you consciously knowing that you’re remembering it. Using this technique, you can’t be coerced into giving a password because you consciously don’t know it. It’s in the part of the mind that can store information but can’t be tapped by the conscious part of your brain. Crazy stuff. Check out the source for a deeper explanation.



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