Wallpaper: Minimal Stripes By fancyq

Mimimal wallpaper for those who like a no-frills wallpaper. Click picture to download.



New Song Genre: Liquid DnB (Drum and Bass)

Many people know the popular music genres such as pop, house, electronic, rap, alternative etc. Well, a new genre known as liquid DnB has become extremely popular over the past few years. This genre uses really fast beats and lots of bass notes to make a song that requires it’s own genre because it can’t fit into any other category. Some of these artists also include vocalists that are becoming very popular such as Holly Drummond, Veela and Andrew Allen. Liquicity (pictured above) is a youtube channel started by one man and all liquid DnB artists post their music on the Liquicity channel. If their song becomes popular among the Liquicity crowd, then it goes into an album that can be bought on iTunes.

Here’s an example of a song from Koncept (NOTE: The song below does not represent all types of liquid DnB and you should see Liquicity’s channel to see a wider variety of songs).

Liquicity’s Channel

Font: Metropolis

Metropolis is a really cool typeface created by Josip Kelava from Melbourne, Australia. Josip states that he used a two-line technique inspired by the industrial movement of the 1920’s. I highly recommend using it for a title or brand name because it can help make an impression and it just looks really good if you use it for big-sized text. Click the picture above to download.

More Examples:

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Wallpaper: Between Here and There

Some people don’t see the point of out-of-focus photography because they are so used to shots that have a clear subject. John Carey from fiftyfootshadows took this photo because he wanted to let each person see what they perceive. That’s what makes this photo so special. Click the picture for the download.


Samsung Forced To Pay $1.05 Billion For Patent Violations

Apple just won their dispute with Samsung over multiple violated patents and Samsung is being forced to give over a billion dollars to Apple. This is the end of a LONG fight that has been going on between the two companies, but the jury finally decided on favoring Apple. Some people are scared for what may happen to Samsung now that they are losing massive amounts of money. If Google wins their fight with Apple, the actions Google will take won’t be good for Apple.


Google Might Ban iOS Products Due To Patent Infringments

Apple has sued almost every electronic manufacturer within the past 3 years. Google finally got annoyed with all these patent disputes and they’re now fighting back. If the court is in favor of Google, then Google will have the ability to ban all imports of Apple products in the US. They probably won’t do this, but ¬†they will force Apple to stop suing manufacturers. We’ll have to see how this plays out because Google may not be as benevolent as some may think.