iPhone 5 – Stuff You Might Want To Know

The above image is a picture of what the iPhone 5 body is expected to look like. It looks fantastic, so, there’s no doubt that it will become a huge success for Apple. Rumors that the iPhone 5 will be $800 dollars have taken twitter by storm. The twitter topics “#800dollarsforaniPhone” and “iPhone 5 $800″ have stayed on the trending page for a few days now. Some people tweet funny stuff such as “#800DollarsForAnIphone it better be able to download food!” or “It better turn into a  jet when I put it into airplane mode.”  Most people find this price outrageous, especially since the iPhone 4S costs $399 (subsidized) and around $600 unlocked. Apparently Tim Cook hinted at a hefty $800 price tag, which probably applies to the unlocked version. Even if the carrier-locked version is subsidized, it’ll probably cost significantly more that the predecessors. Also, the 30-pin connector on the bottom of all the previous iDevice iterations has been replaced by a 15-pin connector to make room for a headphone jack on the bottom of the device instead of the top. That means that all iHomes and third-party accessories (including your iSkin) will be rendered useless unless you use an older iDevice. Apple must have a lot of enhancements in store if they tout a price tag that high. It’s mostly rumors for now, but we’ll have full details once the device releases.

To recap the specs (some confirmed and some rumors):

  • 4-inch screen (made by Sharp). This is only 0.5 inches bigger than before, but 4 inch screens have been in the android ecosystem forever; it’s almost industry standard now.
  • NFC (Near Fields Communication). This is a little chip embedded into the battery that allows you to pay at a store by holding your phone over a scanner (around 4 inches away) instead of swiping your card. Money is transferred electronically and it’s the same technology used for Google Wallet.
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution 4G). This is the same 4G system that Verizon has in place for quite a while now. If Apple is going to compete with the competing smartphones, then they have to upgrade the chip from 3G to 4G.When you see ads for android phones that can utilize 4G speeds, this is the technology they’re talking about. It’s coming to iPhone, so you can load up pages with lightning speed (300 mbps). Unfortunately, most carries use HSPA+ instead of LTE, so only Verizon customers will be able to utilize the new chip unless you live in specific areas.
  • A6 Dual-Core Chipset. This is completely rumored, but probably true. Most android phones are dual-core these days, and multiple phones (Samsung and HTC) are going to be coming out with quad-core chips by the end of the year. This can prove a problem to Apple because Samsung and HTC are their biggest competitors, Samsung has more market share than Apple and Samsung’s profits have skyrocketed due to the SGS III. Apple does a fantastic job at optimizing hardware and software for battery life and performance, which android is not, so they may even out in the end.



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