Awesome Song: Anywhere by Au Revoir Simone

This is a great song made by the indie rock band Au Revoir Simone. They were featured in the Bing wedding commercial. Check it out and see how you like it.

Bing Video


Macbook Pro Ad Song: “Song” by Kidstreet

The video above is the original advertisement from apple showcasing the sleeker macbook with retina display. The song name is “song” by the canadian band “Kidstreet”. A music video of the song is below.

Google Glasses Ad Song: Lovers Carvings

We all know that google glasses will probably make you self conscious in public, make you crash into things, or just not work. But, their ad for it (called “One Day”) had one of the best tunes I’ve heard from an advert. The best part of the song starts around the 1:30 mark. The song is called ‘Lovers Carvings’ by Bibio.

The music video is here:

If you guys haven’t seen the ad, then check it out here:

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