iOS Facebook App Updated, Android Coming Soon

Today, Facebook released an update for their iOS app. The end user won’t see any aesthetic changes, but they will see faster loading times and faster performance due to the switch from HTML 5 to native iOS code. Anybody that’s ever used the android Facebook app knows that it’s just as clunky as the iOS version used to be. Zuckerberg is taking charge and he’s now forcing all employees to use android phones instead of iPhones, so they can suffer the same issues android users do. He thinks this will help the developers find out what needs to be changed and actually have a need to fix it.



My Phone Setup 1

Photoshopped By Me

Some background info: I love graphic design, contemporary things and minimalism. Photoshop has become my most used program (probably ever). I usually make different business card designs and logos for fun. Now, many people know that android is EXTREMELY versatile and customizable. But, they don’t know that there are people who can make awesome setups on their phones such as BlackBearBlanc and kgill77. This may or may not be a series on linxspire, but I thought it might be cool to show you guys what I’m running.

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XBMC Beta For Android APK Download


The Xbox Media Center for android has finally arrived in beta stage. It should work on almost every device (it works on my Galaxy S II running ICS 4.0.3). I’ve provided a link to download the APK file directly, but you can also download it at the XDA thread. Obviously it is optimized for TV and big screens so it may look a little small. Give it a try and see how you like it. NOTE: This is a beta and there will be bugs. The download link I provided is the newer version. The older version (relatively stable) is at the XDA thread.

Download APK

XDA Link


Songkick Concerts App For Android and iOS

Songkick Concerts App For Android and iOS

This is a beautiful android app created by songkick. The app scans your library (with a cool animation to go along with it). Once it’s finished, it’ll give you a list of concerts that are coming up for the music artists in your music library. The app was featured on android niceties and it is one of the few android apps that is free and has a beautiful UI. This is also available for iOS, but it doesn’t seem to work as well on the iPhone as it does on android phones. The minimum requirement is android 2.2, which makes it the best looking app on the play store that doesn’t require ICS. Well done.

Play store link

iTunes Link

App: Notification Toggle For Android Devices

App: Notification Toggle For Android Devices

This is a really cool app for all android devices. If you’ve ever used a samsung android phone, you’ll know how useful those toggles in the notification pane are. CyanogenMod and MIUI have also implemented this, but there are many out there that don’t like either of those two ROMs. That’s where this beautful app comes in. Unlike all the other apps that claim to do this, Notification Toggle actually toggles straight from the pane (instead of opening the app like widgetsoid does). It should work on any phone. If you want to try it out, just check out the links.

Play Store Link

XDA Thread

List Of ‘Holo’ Themed Apps By The Verge

List Of 'Holo' Themed Apps By The Verge

Once ‘holo’ was the standard for android 4.0 and above, app developers have tried to make their apps have the same feel. Unfortunately, only a few developers adopted the ‘holo’ theme. Thankfully, The Verge has a community-built list of all apps themed just like ICS. Keep checking back to see which apps are added over time.

The List

Great App: Chrome For Android/iOS

Great App: Chrome For Android/iOS

Despite the beta tag, Chrome for android is one well made app. It works better than a lot of the android apps out there. There’s almost no lag, and when it does, it’s barely noticeable. Syncing between your computer and your phone (if you choose to sign in) is flawless. The tabbed browsing has very nice animations and accelerometer effects that give it some flare. iOS also has a chrome app (the iPad version is extremely cool) but is slower than safari. If you own a device on Ice Cream Sandwich and haven’t tried it yet, you might be surprised by how much you prefer it over the stock browser.

Play Store Link

App Store Link