Font: Metropolis

Metropolis is a really cool typeface created by Josip Kelava from Melbourne, Australia. Josip states that he used a two-line technique inspired by the industrial movement of the 1920’s. I highly recommend using it for a title or brand name because it can help make an impression and it just looks really good if you use it for big-sized text. Click the picture above to download.

More Examples:

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Font: 47

Definitely one of the cooler fonts I’ve seen. It’s made by a member from dribbble (three b’s), so you know it’s high quality.

Note: OTF is a newer format than TTF but it is partially based off the TTF format. I’d go with OTF just because it’s newer and supports more features. The average user can use either one because programs like Word, Powerpoint and Photoshop support both. In reality, this font is REALLY hard to use because it’s very…different than normal fonts but it’s still cool to mess around with.


47 – Bold ttf

47-Bold otf

47 – BoldItalic ttf

47- BoldItalic otf


All credit goes to Hendrick Rolandez on Dribbble.

50 Free PSD Downloads From Dribbble

Dribbble is a community of the best graphic designers on the internet. They only take the best of the best and they require an invitation from a respectable member of the community if you want to join. Majority of the stuff the designers on dribbble create are put online for free download. There’s a big list of free downloads at the link.

Note: PSD is the Photoshop file format, so you need (at a minimum) Photoshop elements to modify the files.

List Link

Android App: Fast For Facebook by team2soft

Android App: Fast For Facebook by team2soft

This is a really well made alternative to the Facebook app for android. It follows the ice cream sandwich guidelines and has a really polished holo theme to it. It is significantly faster than Facebook despite the beta tag. Updates are always being churned out helping make the app better. Unfortunately, I can’t show any pictures of the app without revealing personal information, so you’ll have to try it to see it.

Play Store Link

Google I/O 2012: Google Glass

Google I/O 2012: Google Glass

The google glass explorer edition was officially announced today at google I/O. They have a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, camera, video recorder, audio recorder, microphone, a powerful processor, and a few other features all inside a very lightweight aluminum body. Approved developers for android can buy one of these for around $1,500 and it will arrive at their doorstep sometime in 2013. The image above is a picture of the presentation. You can see the woman in the presentation wearing a prototype.