Wallpaper: Velocity by Jonathan Besler

Wallpaper: Velocity by Jonathan Besler

This is a cool photo taken by Jonathan Besler from Sonthofen in Bavaria, Germany. Unfortnately, there’s no actual wallpaper pack, so you’ll have to go to the source link to download.

Note: Next to the download button (at the source), there is a drop down menu where you can select the resolution you want depending on the device you’re going to have the photo on.



Insanely Cool Apartment In Romania

The extremely talented interior designers at square one have designed an apartment in Romania that will take your breath away. They’ve transformed it to have a modern and contemporary look all around. Check out the gallery above for some pictures of the apartment.

As a side note: Their website is probably one of the coolest websites you will ever come across, so you should definitely check out the source link.

Source: http://squareone.ro/

Dream Vacation: Taj Exotica – Maldives

Taj Exotica is a luxury resort located in the Maldives. It’s surrounded by the alluring blue-green water of the Indian ocean and is one of the most exclusive places in the world. They have personal spas, great looking rooms inside each villa, and are willing to take you on small excursions (they take you by sail boat). There are special activities for children, Yoga/Pilates classes, a beautiful beach, water sports, a massive fitness room, and land sports such as biking and volleyball. For one adult, it ranges from around $900-$6,000 per night. So, you’ll have shell out a few benjamins for a trip there (especially if you’re going with family). You can check out what it looks like by viewing the gallery.

Source: http://goo.gl/XAxWp