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Photoshopped By Me

Some background info: I love graphic design, contemporary things and minimalism. Photoshop has become my most used program (probably ever). I usually make different business card designs and logos for fun. Now, many people know that android is EXTREMELY versatile and customizable. But, they don’t know that there are people who can make awesome setups on their phones such as BlackBearBlanc and kgill77. This may or may not be a series on linxspire, but I thought it might be cool to show you guys what I’m running.

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Wallpaper: The Book

Wallpaper: The Book

This is a really nice wallpaper that BlackBearBlanc uploaded to his dropbox. BlackBearBlanc is well known over at the XDA forums for his minimal android setups and fantastic wallpapers. To download, check out the source. I highly recommend checking out his tumblr page, his XDA profile page, his dropbox, and his home screen setup with the book wallpaper for inspiration. Note: It will work as a desktop wallpaper too.

XDA Page
‘The Book’ HS Setup


Phone Setup: ‘Galaxy Nexus v3’ by zomx

Phone Setup: 'Galaxy Nexus v3' by zomx

Zomx has made another great setup on his galaxy nexus with the wallpaper I previously posted. It looks terrific and can be set up on any device. There are multiple launchers on XDA Developers and in the Play Store that mimic the ICS launcher. To see the original setup or to ask him questions, just click the picture.

Source (same as the picture):

Cool iOS App: Paper by FiftyThree

Cool iOS App: Paper by FiftyThree

FiftyThree has made an iPad app called Paper and it’s amazing. It’s a free app that lets your creative side go wild. The app supports any capacitive stylus, any capacitive paint brush, and your finger. To check it out in the app store, check out the link below. To check out the developers’ website, click the picture.

App Store Link:

Beautiful App (Android): Pattrn

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I came across this beautiful app called pattrn (there is no ‘e’ in the name). It’s a collection of patterns that get updated every once in a while. You just go into the app, find a pattern you like, and set it as your wallpaper. Just those 3 easy steps. If you want, you can go into the settings and tell it to periodically change up your background so you never get stuck with the same background for too long. If you’d like to try it out go to the play store link or scan the QR code (in the slideshow) with a barcode scanning app on your phone (QR Droid works best).

Play link: