Samsung Forced To Pay $1.05 Billion For Patent Violations

Apple just won their dispute with Samsung over multiple violated patents and Samsung is being forced to give over a billion dollars to Apple. This is the end of a LONG fight that has been going on between the two companies, but the jury finally decided on favoring Apple. Some people are scared for what may happen to Samsung now that they are losing massive amounts of money. If Google wins their fight with Apple, the actions Google will take won’t be good for Apple.



Google Might Ban iOS Products Due To Patent Infringments

Apple has sued almost every electronic manufacturer within the past 3 years. Google finally got annoyed with all these patent disputes and they’re now fighting back. If the court is in favor of Google, then Google will have the ability to ban all imports of Apple products in the US. They probably won’t do this, but  they will force Apple to stop suing manufacturers. We’ll have to see how this plays out because Google may not be as benevolent as some may think.


iOS Facebook App Updated, Android Coming Soon

Today, Facebook released an update for their iOS app. The end user won’t see any aesthetic changes, but they will see faster loading times and faster performance due to the switch from HTML 5 to native iOS code. Anybody that’s ever used the android Facebook app knows that it’s just as clunky as the iOS version used to be. Zuckerberg is taking charge and he’s now forcing all employees to use android phones instead of iPhones, so they can suffer the same issues android users do. He thinks this will help the developers find out what needs to be changed and actually have a need to fix it.


MIT Creates Penny-Sized Ion Thrusters For Satellites

Paulo Lozano, the associate professor of Aeronautics at MIT just designed small penny-sized ion thrusters that shoot out ions when charged with electricity. Each blaster has around 500 microthrusters. Each microthruster will shoot out it’s own ion beam to help move the satellites. These thrusters provide a very little push (but you don’t need that much because there is no air resistance). Paulo Lozano believes they can be used for cubeseats – which are just rubix cube sized satellites that have no thrusters of their own. The thrusters haven’t been tested in space yet, but they have been tested in a vacuum with good results.

UPDATE: Video Released.


Facebook Will Start Deleting Your Photos From Now On

Facebook gave you the option to delete any photo that you uploaded, but, those photos floated around in Facebook’s database until until a guy working there accidentally came across it and permanently deleted it AFTER looking at the photo you wanted to delete. Facebook announced their new system which is supposed to fix this issue. They say that all photos will automatically be deleted thirty days after you say ‘Delete Photo’, so it won’t be floating in the database forever. This is good news because people didn’t know what Facebook did with those photos.



Amazon And Apple Accounts Hacked By 19 Year Old

Amazon and Apple have had lots of fights over different things, but there seems to be something they share in common – security flaws. A 19 year old kid that goes by the name ‘Phobia’ and his friend found a simple trick to get into Apple accounts and Amazon accounts. They unintentionally hacked the account of Mat Honan – an editor for I’m not going to explain the hacking method because I don’t promote it, but Mat has written up the method in his article (at the source). Unfortunately for Mat, Phobia’s accomplice had a couple plans of his own and he deleted every picture of Mat’s baby daughter that was on his macbook. Those pictures are irreplaceable and he is devastated. When Mat told Phobia that his accomplice had deleted the baby pictures, Phobia said he was sorry because that was never part of their plan. Phobia said that if he knew his friend was going to do that, he would have stopped him immediately.  Mat’s Google account was also hacked meaning that they did the typical hacker thing – send an email to everyone in your contacts. Mat tried the instructions Phobia had told him for a fake account and it worked flawlessly. Teh whole fiasco could have been avoided if he enabled two-step verification for Google accounts.

Note: It’s highly recommended by Google to enable two-step verification, just in case something goes wrong. It could happen to anybody.

Set Up Two-Step Verification

Source (Mat’s Article)

Facebook Allows Users To Report Phishing Scams

Phishing has been around for a long time now, and it gets worse everyday. People all around the world have issues with phishers that try to extract credit card info and other personal information through facebook, twitter, and/or email accounts by pretending to be a real person or service. To combat this, Facebook set up a system where users can send a report to Facebook said on its blog that reports from users will help them investigate and request for browser blacklisting and site takedowns where appropriate. Facebook already has an internal system that can find out when an account has been hacked and take down the site almost immediately.