The 2012 Finals Playlist By The Kollection

The Kollection was nice enough to put together an awesome list of songs for students studying for finals. Each song was picked to make sure it would provide a calming and non-distracting atmosphere. Most of the songs are electro, which is taking the world by storm. The Kollectino pride themselves on having almost every song as a free download. Head on over!


2012 iPhone Body Image Leaked

2012 iPhone Body Image Leaked

The iPhone 4S and the leaked version of the 2012 version side by side

An image of the new iPhone’s aluminum body was leaked today and it seems to match up with the speculated thoughts that were floating around a while ago. The new iPhone seems to have a bigger screen (reportedly 4.3 inches – 0.5 inches than previous models). There is also less bezel around the top and bottom, which is a welcome change. More details at the source.