The Difference Between UI Developers, UX Designers, and Application Developers

Over time, as I’ve gotten more interested in Graphic Design, I’ve discovered that there’s a massive difference between UI Designers, UX Designers, and Application Developers.

UX Designers: UX Developers are the people that ask the general public what they want and why it should be so, but they will not be able to create a finished product. The UX Designers will most likely major in fields such as Psychology to give the user the best experience possible. UX Designers work closely with UI Developers because the UX Designers will typically tell UI Developers what to do. For companies like Apple, UX Developers will see what issues people are having and try to think of a workaround.

UI Developers: UI Developers are people that want to fill the gap between having something that looks good and having something that looks functional, so the end product is something that looks good and is functional at the same time. These guys will take information taken from the general public and anonymous polls and turn the ideas into a reality. UI Developers have to be able to make original artwork in programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, then turn them into CSS/HTML code so they work as websites. Extremely talented UI Developers were the ones that provided all the images and backgrounds on the iPhone, Mac, PCs, and phones everywhere.

Application Developers: Application Developers are the guys who can write in HTML/CSS/other programming languages, but will focus heavily on the functionality of the finished product rather than the aesthetic appeal. The old saying “I’ll make it work, but it won’t look pretty” is what they do in a nutshell. These guys typed the code so you would be able to have auto-prediction and mobile browsers and gaming.

I just wanted to clear this up for some people because many don’t know about UX Designers despite their importance in how we interact with technology.


App: Notification Toggle For Android Devices

App: Notification Toggle For Android Devices

This is a really cool app for all android devices. If you’ve ever used a samsung android phone, you’ll know how useful those toggles in the notification pane are. CyanogenMod and MIUI have also implemented this, but there are many out there that don’t like either of those two ROMs. That’s where this beautful app comes in. Unlike all the other apps that claim to do this, Notification Toggle actually toggles straight from the pane (instead of opening the app like widgetsoid does). It should work on any phone. If you want to try it out, just check out the links.

Play Store Link

XDA Thread

Deodexed And Rooted Jelly Bean For GSM Galaxy Nexus

Deodexed And Rooted Jelly Bean For GSM Galaxy Nexus

Thanks to XDA user bigxie, there is now a deodexed and pre-rooted version of jelly bean available for galaxy nexus owners. It seems ‘google now’ works pretty well too. If you want to see screenshots or try out the rom for yourself, check out the link below.

Note: This is dangerous for your device and you should not attempt to flash this ROM until you know what a ROM is and what rooting means.

Original Thread

‘Google Now’ Partially Ported To ICS

Google Now Partially Ported To ICS

‘Google Now’ (google’s version of siri) has been ported to ICS. The developer that ported it, had to disable the voice recognition because it caused issues. You can still type stuff in to make it work though. Unfortunately, you have to uninstall the google search apk in /system/app (which requires root). If you’re willing to do that, then check out the original XDA thread below. Remember to read the whole thread before attempting.

Original Thread

Microsoft Releases Smartglass SDK

Microsoft Releases Smartglass SDK

Image credit to Engadget

Microsoft has officially released the SDK to make apps and games for the upcoming windows 8 and surface line of products. The products release later this year, so Microsoft released the SDK early for developers. That way, there’ll already be apps in the market for the early adopters. If you’re an approved developer, you can make apps right away. Click the link below to check it out.


Microsoft Game Developer Network