The 2012 Finals Playlist By The Kollection

The Kollection was nice enough to put together an awesome list of songs for students studying for finals. Each song was picked to make sure it would provide a calming and non-distracting atmosphere. Most of the songs are electro, which is taking the world by storm. The Kollectino pride themselves on having almost every song as a free download. Head on over!


XBMC Beta For Android APK Download


The Xbox Media Center for android has finally arrived in beta stage. It should work on almost every device (it works on my Galaxy S II running ICS 4.0.3). I’ve provided a link to download the APK file directly, but you can also download it at the XDA thread. Obviously it is optimized for TV and big screens so it may look a little small. Give it a try and see how you like it. NOTE: This is a beta and there will be bugs. The download link I provided is the newer version. The older version (relatively stable) is at the XDA thread.

Download APK

XDA Link


50 Free PSD Downloads From Dribbble

Dribbble is a community of the best graphic designers on the internet. They only take the best of the best and they require an invitation from a respectable member of the community if you want to join. Majority of the stuff the designers on dribbble create are put online for free download. There’s a big list of free downloads at the link.

Note: PSD is the Photoshop file format, so you need (at a minimum) Photoshop elements to modify the files.

List Link

Skyrim Dawnguard Beta Site Is A Fake

Skyrim Dawnguard Beta Site Is A Fake

For those of you who fell into the trap that Bethesda was giving out the DLC to skyrim for free at, too bad. The site is a fake. Bethesda does not seem to be affiliated with the site in any way because you get a download to Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Beta. Yes, you get a download to a game that wasn’t even made by Bethesda even after you gave the site permission to post “WOW! I just got my Skyrim Dawnguard Beta Key! So excited! Thanks” to your Facebook wall. Skyrim was one of the most anticipated games in history, so it was inevitable that someone was going to take advantage of the hype for a DLC.