Varien – Morphine [EDM]

EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music. When a song doesn’t fit into a certain category, it’s called EDM. Varien is has mainly focused on dub step, but he’s made morphine, which was also in Monstercat 011, and it is one of the most interesting songs I’ve heard in a while. Varien loves “layering” his tracks, so there are very subtle additions to the song that make it sound fuller and richer. In the beginning, he uses sound loops of aggressive strings and orchestras to make the song sound more intense. I usually don’t like Varien’s works because he focuses more on heavy metal and dub step, but this one really caught my ear because he slowed it down to 100 bpm but kept the dubstep and metal influences intact; not an easy thing to do.  If you like it, you can get it on iTunes or Monstercat’s own site. If you want to see how he made the song, he’s given a full rundown.

Varien’s YT Channel | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Soundcloud


New Song Genre: Liquid DnB (Drum and Bass)

Many people know the popular music genres such as pop, house, electronic, rap, alternative etc. Well, a new genre known as liquid DnB has become extremely popular over the past few years. This genre uses really fast beats and lots of bass notes to make a song that requires it’s own genre because it can’t fit into any other category. Some of these artists also include vocalists that are becoming very popular such as Holly Drummond, Veela and Andrew Allen. Liquicity (pictured above) is a youtube channel started by one man and all liquid DnB artists post their music on the Liquicity channel. If their song becomes popular among the Liquicity crowd, then it goes into an album that can be bought on iTunes.

Here’s an example of a song from Koncept (NOTE: The song below does not represent all types of liquid DnB and you should see Liquicity’s channel to see a wider variety of songs).

Liquicity’s Channel

Great Song: Moar Ghosts N Stuff – Deadmau5

Deadmau5 made this song a long time ago, but it’s definitely a well known song that everybody should have heard of by now (especially if you listen to a lot of electronic music). Give it a try, and you might be surprised. The video calls it ‘more ghosts n whatever’, but the official name is ‘More Ghosts n Stuff ‘ in Deadmau5’s album: For Lack of A Better Name.