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iOS Facebook App Updated, Android Coming Soon

Today, Facebook released an update for their iOS app. The end user won’t see any aesthetic changes, but they will see faster loading times and faster performance due to the switch from HTML 5 to native iOS code. Anybody that’s ever used the android Facebook app knows that it’s just as clunky as the iOS version used to be. Zuckerberg is taking charge and he’s now forcing all employees to use android phones instead of iPhones, so they can suffer the same issues android users do. He thinks this will help the developers find out what needs to be changed and actually have a need to fix it.


AT&T May Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular

AT&T May Charge For FaceTime Over Cellular

When testers were playing around with the developer version of iOS 6, attempts to use facetime resulted in a popup message prompting the user to contact AT&T to enable the new feature. They spoke out, saying they are working closely with Apple on the new developer build of iOS 6 and that they would share more information with customers as it becomes available. (They never denied making consumers pay extra for the service). The new iPhone is rumored to include a 4G radio (which is standard in all android phones now), so people don’t have to worry about not having enough bandwidth. Apple announced that carrier charges may apply and that it will require either an iPhone 4S or a 3rd generation iPad. It seems Ma Bell has big plans for the future.


Microsoft’s New Tablet PC: Surface

Microsoft unveiled their new line of Tablet PCs called: Surface. They look fantastic, have a magnesium body, and even have a smart cover that doubles as a mouse and keyboard all in one. It blows apple’s iPad smart cover out of the water. The video above is their advertisement for it, and it is definitely their best ad (to date). They’ll have two versions: one that is bigger and can run the full blown windows 8 OS, and one that has a smaller screen and runs a lighter version of windows 8. Both versions will have full HD resolution screens and will come with either 32 GB,64 GB, or 128 GB of memory. To get more info, check out the source.


Cool iOS App: Paper by FiftyThree

Cool iOS App: Paper by FiftyThree

FiftyThree has made an iPad app called Paper and it’s amazing. It’s a free app that lets your creative side go wild. The app supports any capacitive stylus, any capacitive paint brush, and your finger. To check it out in the app store, check out the link below. To check out the developers’ website, click the picture.

App Store Link: http://goo.gl/ba7tz

iOS 6: Does It Change Everything Again?

Today was wwdc  2012 and Apple (AAPL) definitely made some noise about their newest version of iOS. Is it truly revolutionary, or is apple just catching up with the competition? Check out the features and decide for yourself.

Siri: Apple has updated siri with a slew of new features.

  • Siri can now open up applications (such as music or the calendar)
  • Siri can now tweet and post to Facebook
  • ‘She’ is now integrated with Yelp and OpenTable for reviews
  • She can now speak multiple languages (changes with the language setting)
  • Hands free integration in multiple car systems
  • Officially coming to the new iPad

Native Apps and Enhancements: The phone app can remind you to call/text someone back. “Do not disturb” mode has been added. This just allows you to get messages and calls, but the device will not vibrate and the screen will not turn on. FaceTime can finally be used over cellular (on your cell service instead of Wifi)

Facebook Integration: This has been a feature added in the first iterations of android 2.0 and it’s finally come to iOS. Siri and multiple of the native iOS applications can now let you update your Facebook status from inside that app instead of having to use the Facebook app. iOS 5 added twitter integration, but people weren’t happy about the lack of Facebook support, so it’s definitely a welcome feature.


  • Safari is now following in the footsteps of Opera, Firefox, and Chrome by adding the feature to sync everything over iCloud, so you can have bookmarks, and offline reading lists synced between your phone, iPad, and iMac.
  • Safari also added the feature to add an “app banner”. If you go to a specific website that has an app in the app store, then you just touch the banner, and it’ll open up the app/ direct you to the app store page for it.

Photos:  They’ve added a photo-sharing system over iCloud, so you and your friends can comment, like or chat about different photos. It’s sorta like Path, but just for photos.

Passbook: Apple added this as a native iOS app. Passbook is supposed to help you find movie tickets, sport game tickets, concert tickets and every type of ticket you could imagine. All you have to do, is purchase a ticket through the app, and flash your iPhone to the guy at the front and have him scan it. They have the option for a barcode or QR code depending on your preference.

Maps: This is Apple’s biggest selling point of iOS 6. They’ve scrapped Google Maps and have now made their own version with turn by turn directions, 3D maps, Yelp integration, and siri integration. On stage it looked like the 3D rendering happened lightning fast, but  that was an animation, so we’ll have to wait to see whether the iPhone is capable to do that.

Source: http://goo.gl/3yz4C