Wallpaper: Blue Christmas


Click photo to download.


Edit: Forgot to give credit to John at FiftyFootShadows


Wallpaper: Notes On Darkness


This picture was taken by John Carey at fiftyfootshadows.  Carey bought this little LED light-up egg when he was in Seoul. It flashes different colors and he took just the right shot when it turned white. Taking the photo when it turned white was really smart because it provided the most contrast to the dark background. Just click the picture to download. This photo was actually taken with the iPhone 5, which has a bigger screen, so the resolution may be a bit different.


Wallpaper: Between Here and There

Some people don’t see the point of out-of-focus photography because they are so used to shots that have a clear subject. John Carey from fiftyfootshadows took this photo because he wanted to let each person see what they perceive. That’s what makes this photo so special. Click the picture for the download.


Really Cool Site: Interactive Panoramic View Of Paris

This is a really cool site I found by using stumbleupon. A¬†Parisian photographer took a panoramic photo of Paris right above the eiffel tower from a plane / helicopter and then gave it interactive abilities. You can feel like you’re at paris without even going there. It’s sorta fun to mess around with. Click the photo above for the site link.

NOTE: The photo above is not the same one you’ll see at his site. The one at his site was taken during the day.