Wallpaper: Blue Christmas


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Edit: Forgot to give credit to John at FiftyFootShadows


Wallpaper: Notes On Darkness


This picture was taken by John Carey at fiftyfootshadows.  Carey bought this little LED light-up egg when he was in Seoul. It flashes different colors and he took just the right shot when it turned white. Taking the photo when it turned white was really smart because it provided the most contrast to the dark background. Just click the picture to download. This photo was actually taken with the iPhone 5, which has a bigger screen, so the resolution may be a bit different.


National Geographic 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Photographers will love this. The examples above are amazing photos taken by people all around the world. National Geographic receives thousands of applicants and these are the ones that were rated the highest. The best part about these photos is that they are unaltered, and no Photoshop was used. Each caption is a summary of the description each photographer sent with their photo. There are three or four more photos at the source.

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Transparent iPhone 5 Concept

Transparent iPhone 5 Concept

This is a cool concept that I think would make the iPhone an even cooler device. The concept is pretty much a capacitive touch screen with a thin sheet of glass that is completely transparent. All the computing would be done under the small amount of bezel on the top and bottom. The home button would also be a capacitive button like you find on majority of android phones. I think it looks really cool, but it’ll take quite a bit of time for anything like that to hit store shelves.