Wallpaper: Blue Christmas


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Edit: Forgot to give credit to John at FiftyFootShadows


List Of ‘Holo’ Themed Apps By The Verge

List Of 'Holo' Themed Apps By The Verge

Once ‘holo’ was the standard for android 4.0 and above, app developers have tried to make their apps have the same feel. Unfortunately, only a few developers adopted the ‘holo’ theme. Thankfully, The Verge has a community-built list of all apps themed just like ICS. Keep checking back to see which apps are added over time.

The List

Wallpaper: Tron Legacy/Portal 2

Wallpaper: Tron Legacy

This is a wallpaper made by Deviantart member sohansurag. The wallpaper is supposed to represent what may happen in the next tron movie if they choose to make a sequel, but it can also act as a wallpaper for portal 2 (If you photoshop off the words on the far right). Even though tron didn’t appeal to me, I still found the wallpaper VERY nice and pleasing to look at. If you want to thank the creator, hit up the source link to thank sohansurag on deviantart. Click the picture to download.

Note: To download, go to the link, right click the picture, and select ‘Save Image As’.

Source: http://goo.gl/RXFmW