For The Music Fanatic: The Kollection

If you’re open to all genres of music, then you should definitely check out the Kollection. They update their growing list of amazing songs almost every day and actively support up and coming artists. I discovered Madeon’s hit single ‘Finale’ through the Kollection and it’s become so popular it is now in the Fifa 13 Soundtrack. Click the picture to check them out.

Edit: I forgot to mention that almost every song they post is given away as a free download – courtesy of the music artists.


For The Aspiring Animator: Source Filmmaker

If you googled ‘animation program’, you’d probably get thousands of results. Well, a lot of those require money, and the free ones are either extremely limited in functionality or are hard to use. That’s where SFM comes in. Source Filmmaker is made by the creators of the Half-Life and Portal videogame series. SFM has tons of tutorials and a great community where you can post your finished product, or get inspiration from someone else’s. It’s really easy to learn and can help anyone make high quality videos. Check out their websites for more info. NOTE: This does require steam.



Wallpaper: God’s Mountains By IrvingGFM

“On the highest mountains of success you may climb,
in the deepest caverns of failure you may fall,
against the wildest tides of truth you may swim,
across the endless lands of maturity you will walk…”
Milton M. Toran

New wallpaper pack by IrvingGFM. He took the photo you see above and modified it into dark, light, and green versions. Click the picture to download.