Is America Ready For Ultimate Frisbee?

Is America Ready For Ultimate Frisbee?

Some of you may not know that Ultimate Frisbee is now becoming a national sport. There are two leagues: the AUDL (American Ultimate Disc League) and the USA Ultimate League. These two leagues have tons of professional athletes that train hours everyday to compete nationally. The AUDL pays the athletes for competing and it is a job for many professionals such as Brodie Smith. Brodie Smith is one of the most famous Ultimate players because he has two YouTube channels (one for trick shots and one for tips in real games). The USA Ultimate League has even better players that have to pay the league to compete and the players don’t get paid. Brodie Smith is in the AUDL and plays ultimate Frisbee for a living. Many people that play lacrosse or football say that Ultimate isn’t a sport, but that’s because they don’t know that Frisbee requires some of the most demanding running in any game. It also requires lots of concentration in stressful situations and skill. I play Ultimate in the DiscNW league and always try to “promote the spirit of the game”.

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