Wallpaper: Notes On Darkness


This picture was taken by John Carey at fiftyfootshadows.  Carey bought this little LED light-up egg when he was in Seoul. It flashes different colors and he took just the right shot when it turned white. Taking the photo when it turned white was really smart because it provided the most contrast to the dark background. Just click the picture to download. This photo was actually taken with the iPhone 5, which has a bigger screen, so the resolution may be a bit different.



Resource: Great Photoshop Tutorials For Any Project

Photo Creds to Photoshop.com

Photoshop is extremely well known all over the world and for a good reason too. Photoshop CS6 added tons of new features and despite how long it’s been out, it can take a REALLY long time to figure out how to make amazing artwork that you may see on places like DeviantArt. I just found out about this awesome site called tutsplus.com that give free tutorials for almost anything you will need photoshop for. There are also ratings of difficulty (1 being easiest and 5 being hardest). Link is below.

Tutorial Link