Really Cool Site: Interactive Panoramic View Of Paris

This is a really cool site I found by using stumbleupon. A Parisian photographer took a panoramic photo of Paris right above the eiffel tower from a plane / helicopter and then gave it interactive abilities. You can feel like you’re at paris without even going there. It’s sorta fun to mess around with. Click the photo above for the site link.

NOTE: The photo above is not the same one you’ll see at his site. The one at his site was taken during the day.


Video Demonstrates Capabilities of ‘Google Now’

In the video, a man asks ‘google now’ 47 different questions/commands to demonstrate the capabilities of the voice assistant. Obviously there’s still some work to be done, but it does pretty well and even sounds less robotic than siri.

Ring Of Fire Eclipse: 2012

A partial solar eclipse as seen during sunrise in the coastal town of Gumaca, Quezon province, southeast of Manila, May 21, 2012. The moon is too small to cover the whole sun, so it leaves a ring of light around the moon which is known as ‘reaching annularity’.

(Click on the pictures for a slideshow)


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